Amanda Knox’s Account

[Il racconto di Amanda Knox, pp. 53-67]

Amanda Knox’s Account

Amanda Knox, in the e-mail of 11-4-2007 — admissible as an item of record [atto documentale] acquired in the course of the present trial like the so-called memoriale that will be discussed [this may refer to the handwritten note given to the police while AK was waiting to be taken to Capanne] — sent to her friends and/or acquaintances in the USA reported having seen Meredith for the last time the day immediately after Halloween. She was with Raffaele and they were eating lunch together in the house on Via Della Pergola; Meredith had greeted them and had left the house. “It was the last time I saw her alive”.[original text]

Shortly afterward, both she and Raffaele left and when to Raffaele’s house “to watch movies and after to eat dinner and generally spend the evening and night indoors. We didn’t go out” [original text]. The following morning she got up around 10:30 am to go to her house on Via Della Pergola, to take a shower and change. She also had to take a mop because the evening before, Raffaele, after dinner, had spilled a lot of water from the sink, and did not have anything to clean it up with.

When she arrived home she noticed the door open. She thought that someone had gone to take out the garbage or had gone downstairs to the lower level. She thus closed the door behind her, but without locking it. She asked in a loud voice if there was anyone home, but no one responded. The door to Meredith’s room was closed, and this meant that she was sleeping. She undressed in her own room and took a shower in the bathroom closest to her room and Meredith’s. When she got out of the shower, she realized that there was blood on the mat where she had put her feet; there were also bloodspots in the sink and on the faucet. She left the bathroom and went to get dressed in her room, and then, to dry her hair, she went into the other bathroom where the hairdryer was, and noticed feces in the toilet of that bathroom, which surprised her. She thus took the mop and returned to Raffaele’s house, locking the door.

She told Raffaele what she had seen and he suggested calling one of her roommates. She therefore called Filomena Romanelli, who informed her that she had been out with her boyfriend and that Laura Mezzetti was also away, in Rome with her relatives. She then realized that the only one to have spent the night on Via Della Pergola was Meredith, who however remained unacounted for. Filomena showed concern, and then Amanda told her that she had called Meredith and then had called her again. She thus called Meredith on her two cellular phones without getting any response. Then, she returned home together with Raffaele. Once back in the house, she opened the door to Filomena Romanelli’s room and saw that the window was open and completely broken; there was a mess, “but her computer was still sitting on her desk”. Convinced that there had been a burglary, she went into the other rooms; Laura’s room was in order, and nor was there anything missing from her own room. Meredith’s room was, however, locked. She began to knock and call [Meredith’s name] without getting any response. She was then taken by panic and went out onto the terrace to see if she could see something, but was unable to see anything. She went down to the apartment below to ask somebody, but nobody was there. She then went back into the house, where Raffaele said he wanted to try to break down Meredith’s door, but did not succeed. They decided at that point to call the police, which Raffaele did. [Amanda] alerted Filomena, asking her to return home. While they were waiting, two police officers arrived, and she showed them what she had seen.

Filomena then arrived with her boyfriend and two other friends of theirs, and they broke down the door to Meredith’s room.

On the date of 11-6-2007, shortly after being notified of the arrest warrant [provvedimento di fermo] issued in her case, Amanda, while waiting to be transferred to Capanne prison, “asked for sheets of paper with the aim of producing a piece of writing that she intended to deliver to the undersigned” — that is, to the head inspector of the State Police, Rita Ficarra (see note to the report of 11-6-2007 [annotazione di servizio 6.11.2007]).

In this piece of writing, Amanda Knox prefaced her explanation of the various circumstances with the following sentence: “In my mind there are things I remember and things that are confused.”[*original text]. She then recounted having seen Meredith for the last time on November 1, 2007, in the afternoon, around 3:00 or 4:00 pm: they were in the house on Via Della Pergola, and Raffaele was there also. She and Raffaele stayed there for a bit, and then went together to his house (on Corso Garibaldi) to watch a film, Amélie. She had then received a message from Patrick telling her that it was not necessary for her to go to work at the pub that evening, because nobody was there. Hence she had remained with Raffaele, with whom she had smoked marijuana. That had had dinner together rather late, perhaps at 11:00 pm, and after dinner she had noticed a small amount of blood on Raffaele’s hand, and had the impression that “it was blood from the fish” that they had cooked. After eating, Raffaele had washed the dishes, but there had been a rupture of the sink-pipes, and water had been lost, flooding the floor. Since they did not have a mop, they decided to clean [it up] the next day with a mop that [Amanda] had at her house. She added that they were very tired and that it had to have been rather late; her next memory took her to the morning of November 2, around 10:00 am when she woke up and took a plastic bag [busta] in which she put her dirty clothes to take them to her house. She then referred to the statements made in the Questura on the night between November 5 and 6 and on that same morning of November 6. She explained that she had made those statements under the stress of the unusual situation that had been created [sotto stress e nella particolare situazione che si era creata, lit. “under stress and in the particular situation that had been created”]. She saw [the following] in her mind, like flashbacks (which, however, seemed unreal, like a dream): Patrick, near the basketball court, near the door to the house; herself huddled [rannichiata] in the kitchen with her hads over her hears because in her own head she had heard Meredith screaming. She added that she was not sure what was true and what was the result of her own confusion [Aggiungeva di non essere certa della verità e di essere confusa, lit. “She added that she was not certain of the truth and of being confused”]. She only knew that she had not killed Meredith.

In the hearings of June 12 and 13, 2009, Amanda Knox underwent questioning in her case, as requested by the plaintiff [parte civile] Patrick Lumumba, and by the defense [“e dalla difesa” handwritten].

She claimed to know Rudy Hermann Guede only “a little”. She recalled that she had met him in the center, during an evening in the course of which she had met the young men who lived in the same house on Via Della Pergola, on the lower floor, and they had introduced her to Rudy. Then she had spent most of her time with Meredith, and they had returned to home all together. On another occasion, she had met him at the pub “Le Chic”. She also recalled participating in a party in the second half of October 2007, together with the boys who lived on the lower floor. A joint had been smoked; every now and then, with friends, she made use of mind-altering substances, [namely] marijuana.

She had met Patrick Lumumba through a friend and had worked at the pub Le Chic, operated by Patrick. She had begun working in this pub around the middle of October. At the beginning, she worked every day; then twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday. Relations with Patrick were good, and she was never mistreated by him.

On the evening of November 1, 2007, she was work at Le Chic, but did not go because Patrick sent her a message telling her she didn’t need to come to work. He sent this message to her at around 8:15 or 8:30. At that moment, she was in Raffaele’s apartment, and when she responded to the message she also thought she was in his apartment. She did not meet Patrick on the evening of November 1. At the police station during the night between November 5 and 6, 2007, she had stated something different, but that had been due to the pressure of the questioning [insistenze delle domande] and to the situation that had been created in the course of the interrogation, where she had begun to imagine what could have happened [e cominciò quindi a immaginare quello che poteva essersi verificato, lit. “and she then began to imagine what could have happened”].

She reported that she had the keys to the residence at Via Della Pergola 7, it being the house in which she lived. Meredith, Laura, and Filomena also had keys. On November 1, 2007, Filomena, as she remembered, was with her fiancé; Filomena had moreover told her that Laura was in Rome. She denied having been in the house at Via Della Pergola 7 on the evening of November 1, 2007, after 9:00 pm. In the statement given in the night between November 5 and 6, she had stated that, on that evening, after 9:00, she had gone with Patrick to the house at Via Della Pergola 7, because she was under pressure and confused. This was also the situation regarding the scenario of Meredith having had sex before being killed; she [Amanda] reported being “under pressure” and had thus imagined many things, including the screaming of Meredith and the fact of having covered her ears in order not to hear her. On November 5, in the evening, she had not been called by the police, but had gone to the Questura to accompany Raffaele because she didn’t want to be alone. Concerning the note [memoriale] of November 6 she recalled that in the late morning of that day, she asked police officers for writing paper, and wrote in English, without anyone suggesting to her what she should write. As she was confused, she wanted to explain her confusion to police. She wrote this note freely [in piena libertà] and voluntarily. She recalled saying in a conversation with her mother that she felt “horrible because Patrick is stuck in jail and it’s my fault”. She denied having accused Patrick to save herself. She had accused him in the particular situation which had been created in the course of the interrogations of the night of November 5 and 6, 2007.

Turning to the facts of November 1, she recalled that in the morning she had awakened after spending Halloween night at Raffaele’s house; she had returned home to change and to get things to study. She saw nobody at the house; the door to Meredith’s room was closed and she had assumed that [Meredith] was sleeping; she had put away some of the clothes she had on the clothes-rack [stendino] and had begun to study. While she was studying, Filomena had returned with her fiancé. They had asked about Meredith, and she reported that she was probably still sleeping. She had helped them to wrap a package for a party, and then they had left. At that point, Meredith had gotten up and had greeted her, asking how the Halloween party had gone. Raffaele had then arrived, and they had prepared lunch. Meredith had gone into her room to change; perhaps she had taken a shower. [Meredith] had then left, and [Amanda] had never seen her afterward.

She knew that Meredith had an amorous [sentimentale] relationship with Giacomo Silenzi, who lived with three other boys on the lower floor of the same house. For her part, she had confided to Meredith that she was seeing [fidanzata con] Raffaele Sollecito. She had met Raffaele Sollecito when she was with Meredith, when they had gone together to a concert of classical music. Initially, Meredith was with her, but after the intermission, she had had to go home, and Raffaele had sat down nearby. This had happened 8 or 10 days before November 2 (p. 73). When she met Rudy she had not yet met Raffaele. In the house at Via Della Pergola 7, she had a room which was near Meredith’s room. In this apartment, there were 4 girls. Besides her and Meredith, there were Filomena Romanelli and Laura Mezzetti. When the rent was to be paid, she took the money and gave it to Filomena who made the payment. Each of them paid 300 euros. In her own bank, she had 4,457 dollars. She had arrived in Perugia in the first days of September together with her sister and had searched for an apartment. She had thus met Laura Mezzetti. Relations with Meredith were good, and they were on familiar terms. On November 1, after lunching with Raffaele and playing a bit of music, the two of them had gone to Raffaele’s house, on Corso Garibaldi, and had watched her own favorite film, Amélie. They had eaten dinner, “but very late” (p. 77). They had eaten fish and salad. Then, while Raffaele was washing the dishes, a leak began to occur from the sink: “water was coming out from underneath and he took care of it [ha guardato]; he turned off the water and then looked [ha guardato] under this pipe; it was loose and so the water that was in the faucet was coming out” (p.77). This would have been at 9:30 pm or 10:00 pm. She recalled that Raffaele was very sorry about this inconvenience, and told her that that pipe had been fixed recently. Then they went into Raffaele’s bedroom; she had placed herself on the bed and Raffaele had sat down at the desk and “prepared the joint, and then we smoked together…we made love and then went to sleep” (p.78). The message from Patrick had arrived before they had sat down to dinner. She had been happy to receive such a message because she didn’t want to go to work that night, preferring to stay home with Raffaele. The next morning, November 2, she had woken up between 10:10 and 10:30 am, and Raffaele was still sleeping. After a little while, she told him that she was going to her house to shower and change, and when she returned they would leave — that day, indeed, they were planning to go to Gubbio. When she arrived home she saw that the door was open. This situation surprised her because usually the door was locked. She thought, however, that perhaps someone had not properly shut the door, or had quickly gone out to look for something, or to take out the trash (p. 80). Upon entering the house, she had asked if anyone was there, without, however, receiving a response. She nonetheless left the door slightly open, without locking it, thinking that “maybe someone would come in, maybe they went to have a cigarette or who knows what” (p.80). She had then gone into her own room; she undressed and went into the bathroom. She had recently pierced ears, and had to wash them often “because one of them had become slightly infected; so I had to take off the earrings and then clean my ears…when I saw that there were blood spots in the sink, I first thought they were from my ears, but when I scraped I saw that they were already dry and so I thought ‘whatever… strange'” (p.80). She then took a shower; upon getting out, not having “remembered the towel”, she was planning to use the bathmat to go into her room. At that moment, she noticed the blood spots on the mat. She thought, however, that “perhaps there were menstruation problems that hadn’t been cleaned up” (p.81). She used the mat to go into her room anyway, and then she had put it back. She had put her earrings back on, brushed her teeth and then had gone to her room “to put on new clothes”; she then went into the other bathroom to dry her hair, and when she had put the hairdryer away she noticed that there were feces in the toilet. She thought this was very strange, as it was in the bathroom of Filomena and Laura “who are very clean” (p.81). She then went to Raffaele’s house, closing the door behind her, because no one had returned home in the meantime. As Raffaele was in the bathroom, she had begun to dry the floor in the kitchen, but by this time it was quite dry. When Raffaele got out of the bathroom, they had prepared breakfast, and she had told him about what she had seen. Raffaele had suggested she ask her roommates. She had then called Meredith, who, however, did not respond; she had then called Filomena, who told her that Laura was in Rome, and that she should call Meredith back and return home to see if anything was missing. She had thus left with Raffaele, and together they had gone to the house on Via Della Pergola. They had opened the doors, and in Filomena’s room, they had seen that the window was broken and there was a lot of disorder. They had thus thought of a burglary, and gone to check in the other rooms. Nothing was missing in the various rooms, but the worrying thing was “that the door to Meredith’s rom was closed, and when I called out to her she didn’t respond” (p.83). She remembered however that the door happened to be locked. She had thus gone outside the house to see if the young men downstairs were around, but it was all dark [inside] and nobody responded to [her] knocking on the door. She told Raffaele to call someone, and she herself called Filomena, telling her what she had seen and asking her to return home. They had then gone out of the house to, among other things, look at the broken window from outside, and while they were outside, two persons from the police approached. She thought they had arrived because of Raffaele’s call. She told them what she had seen. Shortly afterward, Filomena’s friends arrived, and then Filomena herself. When Filomena learned that Meredith’s door was locked, she was astonished, and they began to speak rapidly in Italian, so that Amanda didn’t understand, and thus removed herself from the conversation and remained with Raffaele near the entrance. They group wanted to open the door to Meredith’s room; as soon as the door had been broken down, she heard Filomena scream “a foot, a foot!” When the door was broken down, Amanda was standing near the entrance and did not see the inside of the room. Outside of the house, everyone was talking about what they had seen; Raffaele had asked what they had seen so that he could explain to Amanda, who heard that there was a dead body inside the wardrobe, covered by a blanket, with a foot outside.

She had gone back to the house on November 4 with personnel from the Questura. Laura and Filomena were already there; she herself experienced a fit of crying upon thinking about what had happened, and was even afraid to go near [the house]. Furthermore, she had been asked to look at all the knives, and this had greatly upset her [le aveva fatto proprio impressione]. She had never thought of returning home to the United States, even if her family had told her to go to aunt in Germany to feel safer, and she had asked the police if she could go away “for two weeks with my aunt or my mom and they said ‘no, no, it’s better [if you don’t]’; so I always told them, “no, I can’t go” (p. 100). She emphasized, however, that she intended to remain in Perugia, even writing as much in an essay at the Univerity on November 5, in which she wrote that “Perugia is a beautiful city [and] I want to stay”. As for the conversation with her mother and father in which she sad that “I was there, I have not interest in lying, I’m not afraid of the truth”, and further, “It’s stupid, I can’t say anything but the truth, because I know I was there, I mean I can’t lie and there’s no reason for me to do so”, she explained that the reference to her being “there” meant that she was at Raffaele’s apartment. She denied being at the Conad store, which is located in the vicinity of Raffaele Sollecito’s house, at around 7:45 am on November 2. She had been in this store previously together with Raffaele. She denied having a red coat at the time in question. The mark on her neck which appeared in a photo from that time published on the Internet was “a lovebite [un succhiotto]” (p.107). [paragraph break?] Speaking of her family, she explained that “my family is very large; my mother and father haven’t been together since I was a year old, but there houses are close, and they did this specially for me and my sister, because they wanted us to feel that we were a family even if we were in two different houses…so I grew up always with these two families, but one big family together, near each other; then there’s my grandmother, my aunt and uncles, they’re all nearby (p.108)…I have three little sisters and then cousins who are like brothers…an aunt in Germany” (p.109). She had come to Italy to study the Italian language and creative writing. She was very friendly with Laura, with whom she got along very well. With Meredith, she spoke most of all about literature, “because she read a whole lot, even when it wasn’t for school; she read mystery novels [gialli], and we would often be on the terrace together sunbathing, and she would have a book, and I would have my guitar” (p.117). She remembered that on October 30, she had spoken with Laura, Filomena, and Meredith to ask their advice about Raffaele, because she felt slightly guilty due to feelings she still had for a former boyfriend she had left in the United States, named D.J. She also remembered that on that occasion they had talked about the rent payment, and Meredith had offered to pay right then; she was told not to, to wait to give the money until they all paid, on the due date. [paragraph break?] On October 31, the evening of Halloween, she had gone to Patrick’s pub and had spent a bit of time there; she had then joined a friend of hers, Spiros, near the place [called] The Marylin, but they had not entered, because Spiros was leaving; they had gone to another place, and then, being tired, she had stopped in the center, where she had met Raffaele, and then she had gone with him to his house. This would have been at around 2:00 am. She knew that Meredith was going out with her English friends. She had sent her a text message that evening to ask her what she was doing and if they would see each other that evening. She recalled that Meredith had begun her relationship with Giacomo Silenzi one evening when they had been together at the Red Zone discothèque and that had happened around the middle of October, when she had not yet met Raffaele Sollecito. She admitted that she had sometimes smoked joints with the boys who lived on the lower floor. She explained that she had the key to the door to the house, but not also the key to her own room. She remembered that on November 1, when she was at Raffaele’s house, and shortly before starting to watch the film Amélie, a girl had come to the door, whom she did not know: Iovana Popovic. Raffaele explained that he was to accompany her to the station around midnight. Then, this girl had returned to say that she no longer needed to be accompanied to the station. She did not remember when [Popovic] had returned: “I think we were making dinner, but I’m not sure” (p.133). She recalled that she had turned off her cell phone that evening because “I didn’t want to be called back to work, I didn’t want to be disturbed…I received the call, I recieved the text message [and] I was so happy, as I wanted to spend the whole night alone with Raffaele and so turned it off so as not to be called back” (p.134). She added that when, on the morning of November 2, she had seen the door to Meredith’s room locked [translation note on “closed” vs “locked”?], she had tried to climb over [scavalcare] the balcony [balconcino] to see if she could look through the window and ascertain whether Meredith was inside, but, as she was not able to do this, Raffaele told her to come back and then he had tried to break down the door with a kick, also using his shoulder to open it, because they did not know the reason the door was locked. In the following days, she intended to look for another house, and would have wanted to remain with Laura and Filomena. In the meantime, she stayed at Raffaele’s house. During the period in which she was in Perugia, she had never needed to ask anyone for loans; she had an ATM card [bancomat] with which she withdrew her money. She ruled out the possibility of ever having gone around carrying a knives in her pocket or purse. She recognized the knife in evidence [sequestro], Exhibit 36, and stated that she had used to cook in the kitchen of Raffaele’s house. But she had never carried it around. She ruled out the possibility that anyone might have been able to put that knife in her purse without her being aware. She knew that Meredith had credit cards and knew that she had two cell phones, one for England and one for Italy; she had the numbers for both. Relations with the young men of the lower apartment were good [tranquilli], and there was mutual visitation. She emphasized that she became aware of the broken window when she returned to the house the second time, with Raffaele. She recalled that when she called Romanelli for the first time, on the morning of November 2, she was in Raffaele’s apartment; when Romanelli called her back, she was on her way to the house [on Via Della Pergola] with Raffaele.

Turning to the matter of the water leaking from the sink in Raffaele’s house, she stated that this happened after dinner; she didn’t know the time exactly, but it was late: they had eaten around 10:30 [pm], and thus it was probably around 11:00. On November 1, she had left the house on Via Della Pergola together with Raffaele around 4:00 pm, and, before leaving, had been in the small bathroom, and the blood spots were not [yet] there. Neither she nor Raffaele had seen the inside of Meredith’s room after the door had been broken down. The information about this they had reported was what they had heard from the persons present, who had spoken of the matter. She was unable to explain the black lamp found in Meredith’s room; she remembered having such a lamp in her own room, but she didn’t know it was no longer there, since she hadn’t paid attention. She had heard that the boys of the lower floor wanted “to celebrate Halloween in some way”, but I didn’t understand, I didn’t know where they were going and for how long they would be away” (p. 65). On the morning of November 2, she had nevertheless gone to see if they were there, because she didn’t know if they were there or not. As for Meredith, she stated that on the morning of November 2, she was worried and had thought that she could be in her room, with something bad having happened to her — there were very strange things in the house — or she could also be out of the house. She didn’t know what to think, but was worried and therefore wanted to break down the door. She ruled out having wanted to break down the door to recover the lamp; after all, she didn’t even know the lamp was missing from her room.

She remembered having telephoned her mother several times on the morning of November 2. The first time was when they had just been sent out of the house. “It was after they broke down the door and sent us outside” (p. 73). In her subsequent answers, she stressed that she had called her mother “only to say that we had been sent out of the house and that I heard something about a foot” (p. 74). She did not recall having called her before, during that morning. She also did not recall that, during a conversation she had with her mother while in jail, on November 10, the latter had said: “But at 12:00 nothing had happened yet” (p. 76). She confirmed that, from the time on the evening of November 1 when she had turned off her cell phone until the following morning, she had been with Raffaele Sollecito, and had slept with him.

Raffaele had the marijuana, but she did not know from whom he had acquired it.

She considered Meredith Kercher a friend. With regard to the accusation she had made about Patrick, she referred to the unusual circumstances [‘particolare situazione’] that had been created, and to her imagination: “I was just trying, because they told me to remember something or other, to remember something or other. So I was trying so hard that I tried to imagine what could have been the reality that I might have forgotten, and then I was confused about whether the thing that I had imagined was really a memory or something I had imagined, because it was in bits an pieces [erano frammentati]. So they were only images that, I imagine, I saw in my life. For example, Piazza Grimana I saw every day, Patrick I saw almost every day. These things were fragmentary, I didn’t know if they were from that evening…and so, not knowing what was real, and what was my imagination, [I was in] this state of confusion” (p.88). She further stated that there had not been any other moments in which she had experienced a similar state of confusion. She explained that, after meeting Raffaele on October 25, she had begun to spend a lot of time with him: almost every day they had prepared either lunch or dinner at his house. Raffaele had met Meredith when he had been at the house on Via Della Pergola, and that had happened maybe three times. Sometimes she smoked a joint with Raffaele, and that had also occurred on the evening of November 1. She had brought other young men to the house on Via Della Pergola: Djuve, with whom she worked in Patrick’s pub, and who had, on a few occasions, accompanied her home after work. Then Spiros, who wanted to hear her play the guitar and then another young man by the name of Daniel and Ratzon. [?]

She recalled that on the morning of November 2, she had taken a shower and used the sink; she had not used the bidet. She had cleaned her ears using cotton swabs [il cotton fioc]. She did not recall turning the light on in the bathroom. With regard to her own room, she had not noticed the missing table lamp. The central light was not working. She had not needed to turn on the light to dress because it was late morning and natural light was coming in from the terrace in front of her room. She did not remember if she had opened the shutters. After becoming aware of the broken window, she had checked in her own room to see if her computer was there, and since it was, she had been relieved and had not checked whether anything else, such as money, was missing. She recalled having told her mother she was worried “because there is a knife at Raffaele’s”. She was worried because she couldn’t explain such a thing.

In response to a specific question on the matter, she stated that she had no relationship with Rudy Guede; she recalled that someone had introduced her to him, and she had seen him around at times. One time, he had gone into the pub where she worked. Regarding the statements of Kokomani, she said that it was all false. She recalled that when she had gone back to the house on Via Della Pergola on November 4, in the house “there were at least five, maybe even more, who were already inside the house, because there were so so may people, in the hallway, in one room, and in another” (p. 120). Raffaele Sollecito, she added, did not know Rudy Guede. In relation to the recording of 11-17-2007 of a conversation in jail with her mother, during which she said, amaong other things, that she was very concerned about a knife (“about this thing about the knife because there is a knife at Raffaele’s”), she pointed out that, while she was in jail, she had learned from an inspector that it was stated in an article that there was blood on a knife found at Raffaele’s house, and she was worried, as she did not know how to explain this.

She explained that Meredith had never been to Sollecito’s house, and she had never taken objects from the kitchen of the house on Via Della Pergola to Raffaele Sollecito’s house. On the morning of November 2, when she woke up around 10:00 am, Raffaele Sollecito was still sleeping. After dinner, Raffaele Sollecito had sat down at the desk and she was on the bed looking at a book. Raffaele Sollecito was at the desk, preparing a joint, and they were talking. They had consumed the joint after dinner, “then we made love, and then we went to sleep” (p.155). On November 2, they were to go to Gubbio when they woke up. When she herself woke up, she decided to go to the house on Via Della Pergola because Raffaele “was still asleep” and she had planned to take a shower before going, and also because she wanted to change her clothing (p. 156). At Via Della Pergola [7], the door was wide open. The shutters of Romanelli’s room had not caught her attention, and when she returned with Raffaele “they weren’t totally closed, but neither were they open all the way” (p.158). The house was cold, but she did not turn on any type of heating upon arriving. When she called Romanelli around 12:10 [pm], she was at Raffaele’s house, but she was not sure. When she left the house on Via Della Pergola on November 1, there was nobody in the house, as no one had come back in the meantime, and so she locked the door to the house. She ruled out having been, on the evening of November 1 around 10:00 pm, in the basketball court in front of the University, and therefore what witness Curatolo had claimed on this point did not correspond to the truth. She had seen Rudy Guede at various times: “there was the time below the house, one time at my work, and then I saw him playing basketball, things like this” (p.167).