The Residents of the Lower Floor of Via Della Pergola 7

[I ragazzi del piano di sotto dell’appartamento di via della Pergola 7, pp. 25-27 ]

The Residents of the Lower Floor of Via Della Pergola 7

Giacomo Silenzi: he reported being in Perugia since 2006 and having lived the whole time in Via Della Pergola 7, on the lower floor. He lived in that apartment together with Stefano Bonassi, Marco Marzan and Riccardo Luciani. He knew that four girls had been living on the upper floor since September 2007: Meredith Kercher, Amanda Knox, Laura Mezzetti, and Filomena Romanelli. He had a romantic liason [legame affetivo] with Meredith that had begun a few weeks before she was killed. There were no particular problems among the girls; only a few complaints about the cleanliness of the house. Between Amanda and Meredith there was a relationship of normal friendship. Sometimes they got together for dinner; this occurred both in the girls’ house and in their house on the lower floor. It also happened that other young people, such as Giorgio Cocciaretto — who often visited the house — participated in these events.

The relationship with Meredith had begun after an evening spent at the Red Zone discotheque. It was then pursued further, and the two met in Meredith’s room or in his on the lower floor. At times they would smoke hashish; on these occasions he recalled that all four girls were present. He had last seen Meredith on October 29, 2007. On that day, he and Stefano Bonassi had stayed home alone, and before leaving, they had enlisted Meredith to water the marijuana plants that they had in the house. He learned of Meredith’s death on November 2 while he was in Porto San Giorgio and was returning to Perugia by train along with Stefano Bonassi. He had learned from Meredith that Amanda was beginning a relationship with Raffaele Sollecito.

He had known Rudy Guede already from the year before “by way of the basketball court over there [sopra lì] at the house on Via Della Pergola; he would go there to play a few games there on the court above the house; we already knew him because he played with us”. He recalled that one evening he [Guede] had been at their house. They had run into him and had started talking; they were heading home and he came with them. He recalled that Rudy had requested information on Amanda and had shown interest in her affairs. That had occurred around the middle of October. He had asked this information of him, Marco, and Stefano. This happened when he had come to their house: Amanda was also there and Rudy had noticed her. On this occasion, Meredith too was there. Rudy had asked if Amanda had a boyfriend or not. They were all together in a pub, before going to the house. At that time Amanda had not yet met Raffaele and thus they told him that she did not have a boyfriend. That evening Rudy had been drinking in the pub and was rather free in his conversation. [Silenzi] recalled that when they got home he asked if he could use the bathroom and fell asleep on the toilet.

He also recalled another time where Rudy came to their house, which was toward the end of October, on the occasion of the Grand Prix [note], the Sunday after the Red Zone. He had come on his own, without being invited by anyone.

He recalled that that evening, after they had been to the Red Zone, he had slept with Meredith in his room; Amanda, who had met a person by the name of Daniel, had spent the night with him on the upper floor, in her room, according to what Daniel told him.

Stefano Bonassi: a native of the Marche region, he stated that he had been in Perugia for four years for the purpose of studying. He lived in the apartment on Via Della Pergola 7 with Giacomo Silenzi, Marco Marzan and Riccardo Luciani, all also natives of Marche. He knew the girls who lived on the upper floor, with whom they had a close friendship and a certain amount of contact. Relations between the girls appeared good to them. He had met Raffaele Sollecito toward the end of the month of October 2007. After an evening in a discotheque, Meredith and Giacomo Silenzi had begun a relationship. He knew Rudy Guede because he played basketball above the house, [and?] in Piazza Grimana; [Bonassi] and the other residents of the house also played in that court. One evening Rudy had come to their house, and he [Bonassi], who had stayed home to sleep, had been awakened by noise. Rudy had also shown a certain interest in Amanda. That evening Rudy went to the bathroom leaving the door open; he fell asleep on the toilet and left excrement inside.

All of them also smoked joints together. He did not recall whether Meredith was present for this; Amanda, Filomena, and Laura Mezzetti, however, were.

Giorgio Cocciaretto: at the hearing of 6-19-2009 he stated that he was in Perugia for the purpose of studying. He knew the young men who lived at Via Della Pergola 7, as they were from the same region as he. He often visited the house; at first only the lower apartment but then also the upper, when he made the acquaintance of the young women. He knew Meredith, whom he had met at the home of the young men one evening, on the occasion of a dinner among friends. He also knew Amanda Knox, Filomena Romanelli, and Laura Mezzetti. He had met Rudy Guede at the basketball court at Piazza Grimana and they often played basketball together. He was also present once at a party in the house on Via Della Pergola which Rudy Guede attended. He recalled that one evening while they were downtown they had ru into Rudy with some friends of his; they had been at a pub, and areound 2:00 am, when they returned to the house on Via Della Pergola, Rudy came with them. Rudy had made friends in particular with Marco Marzan and with him [Cocciaretto] “because we had developed this friendship playing basketball every day, and then he also came a few times to the house”. As he [Cocciaretto] frequented the house, he had seen Rudy there two or three times, and on one of these occasions Amanda and Meredith were also present; Rudy spoke with both of then and on one occasion he confided to [Cocciaretto] that he liked Amanda.